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Alba Kizaki
Gender: Female
Season: Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger
Homeworld: Earth/Magi-World
First Appearance: Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns
Last Episode: Final Bewitchment: Magical Destiny
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Actor: Karin Yamaguchi
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Alba "Madrine" Kizaki (アルバ"まどりぬ"木崎 Aruba" Madorinu" Kizaki?) is the mentor of the Mahourangers in Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger.

History Edit

Alba Kizaki is the mentor of the Mahourangers, who by the help of Zirab, created the MahouChangers that the heroes use. Alba was the first one to accept Accel, the new Mahou Red, because she knew that the Chosen One (the strongest and the one who shall become the leader of the wizards) would awaken in him She lives in the Magic House. Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns

It is revealed that she also created a sixth morpher with more capacity and abilities called the GoldenChanger. This was later used by Moshite to transform into Mahou Gold. This was created to be used as a backup for the 5 core members. Bewitchment 14: The Golden WizardBewitchment 15: The Six Mahourangers

At some point, when Accel began having visions, she helped him learn how to descipher them out, using the Book of Wisdom. She was then kidnapped by Jark and placed into Zurna. They left a ransom letter for the Mahourangers. She communicated with Accel by a vision, telling him not to worry about her. They were able to at last free her, and destroy Zurna forever. She gave Zirab (her ring) to Accel as a gift, when he became the ruler of the Magic Court in Magi-World.Bewitchment 47: The Zenith SpellBewitchment 48: Final ChallengeFinal Bewitchment: Magical Destiny

Behind the ScenesEdit

Alba "Madrine" Kizaki is interpreted by Karin Yamaguchi (山口 果林 Yamaguchi Karin?)


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