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The AstroNauter Arsenal
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This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the AstroNauters. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the AstroNauter series page as well as the team page of the AstroNauters.

Transformation DevicesEdit

Transformation Summoner UFOriBoardEdit

Main article: Transformation Summoner UFOriBoard

The Transformation Summoner UFOriBoard (変身召喚ユーフォーりボード Henshin Shōkan Yūfōribōdo?) is the main transformation device of the core AstroNauters. It is a plegable shogi board which doubles as a cellphone. By inserting the Board UFOs into it, the device can summon the suit for the tranformation sequence.

It has four modes: Cellular Mode (セルラーモード Serurā mōdo?) which is the standard form used to perform calls; Origami Mode (折り紙モード Origami mōdo?) which allows the user to transform into Astro Custom & Nauter Custom, perform skill attacks, and bring forth the Nauter Voyagers; Rocket Mode (ロケットモード Roketto mōdo?) which can work as a spy cam, a rapid-defense weapon, or a missile of the DaiGowakuseito; and Board Mode (ボードモード Bōdo mōdo?) which is a traditional shogi board that fills the Board UFOs with Judgement Energy.

Transformation Equipment UFOrInroEdit

Main article: Transformation Equipment UFOrInro

The Transformation Equipment UFOrInro (変身装備 DX ユーフォーリンロウ Henshin Sōbi DX Yūfōrinrou?) is the transformation device used by the mass-produced Nauter Pawns. It is a shogi-piece themed box compartment that can hold Board UFOs similar to the holder of the UFOriBoard. By pressing the black button they transform into their Astro Custom and by pressing the white button they can summon their Pawn Voyagers.

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

Board UFOsEdit

Main article: Board UFOs

The Board UFOs (ボードユーフォー Bōdo Yūfō?) are a set of UFO-like fidget spinners whose three points resemble shogi pieces. There are two types of Board UFOs, namely the Transformation UFOs & the Campus UFOs. There are 40 Board UFOs in existence; five belonging to each of the eight original Celestum Clans.

The three points of Board UFOs have specific functionalities: The pointy ending is used for transformation (in the case of Transformation UFOs) or for altering a property of the Trial Field (in the case of Campus UFOs), the round ending is used for attack, and the flat ending is used for Voyager summoning (for Transformation UFOs) or for attachment of Nauter BotArms (for Campus UFOs).


Double-Attack Defense Stock TrialUFOrcerEdit

The Double-Attack Defense Stock TrialUFOrcer (先手後手防衛在庫トライアルユーフォーザー Sente-Gote Bōei Zaiko ToraiaruYūfōzā?) is the main telescope-like weapon of the core AstroNauters. It can alternate between a rifle and a sword, and is powered by introducing Board UFOs. It can also be enhanced further by joining a Nauter BotArms with it.

Team BlasterEdit

Infinite Revolution Vessel DaiGowakuseitoEdit

Main article: Nauter BotArms

By joining the Nauter BotArms 011 to 015, a great bazooka weapon is created. It is powered by the Judgement Energy of the core AstroNauters, and its missiles are the UFOriBoards in Rocket Mode.

Other DevicesEdit

Nauter BeltEdit

The Nauter Belt (ナウターベルト Nautā Beruto?) is a grayish shogi-piece resembling belt that can store a Board UFO inside it. It is also has an extension to the side with a holder that can hold up to three Board UFOs. These can also be transported from the base to the Trial Field.



Main article: AstroSeeker

The AstroSeeker (アストロシーカー Asutoroshīkā?) is the base of the AstroNauters. It is a gigantic UFO which acts as their conveyance throughout the Milky Way's planets. After it leaves the AstroNauters in a certain planet, it camouflages with the environment and stays suspended in the air. Whenever they need to, they can be teleported back into it. It does not have an attack mechanism which makes it extremely vulnerable to permanent damage during in-space battles.


Main article: Arsenal (AstroNauter)

Transformation DevicesEdit

Multi-Use DevicesEdit


Team BlasterEdit

Other DevicesEdit

  • Nauter Belt


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