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Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns
Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger, Episode 01
Air date February 14, 2016
Written by Sentaifan01
Directed by Sentaifan01
Episode Guide
Bewitchment 2: Enter the Magic School!
The Chosen One Returns (選ばれたいずれかを返し Erabareta Izureka o Aeshi?) is the first episode of Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger.


The Jarkalot Organization sets its attack onto the Earth. Alba Kizaki selects five humans to fight against them after discovering their powers. Glum, her best pupil is killed and his best friend Accel, who is thought to be the Chosen One (the strongest wizard) will have to take his place as their leader.


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