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Bewitchment 29: Urana's Last Stand
Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger, Episode 29
Air date September 4, 2016
Written by Sentaifan01
Directed by Sentaifan01
Episode Guide
Bewitchment 28: Shadows VS. Reflexes
Bewitchment 30: The Jarkalot Mutational Cards
Urana's Last Stand (うらなの最終待 Urana no Saishū Machi?) is the twenty-ninth episode of Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger.


After his defeat, Gubras decided to hide and wait for a chance to be able to defeat the Mahourangers. Jark, however, sent Urana to capture him so that he could be destroyed once and for all, because of his failure. Urana, instead, helped him. However, in the middle of the battle, Gouma took Gubras back, leaving Urana because she didn't obey in bringing Gubras. Jark felt he could take a profit out of Gubras now that he wouldn't fight anymore. Was Urana really destroyed?


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