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Bewitchment 46: The Goseiger's Magic
Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger, Episode 46
Air date January 15, 2017
Written by Sentaifan01
Directed by Sentaifan01
Episode Guide
Bewitchment 45: Urana, the Wandering Spy
Bewitchment 47: The Zenith Spell
The Goseiger's Magic (ゴセイジャーの魔法 Goseijā no Mahō?) is the forty-sixth episode of Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger.


In the Jark Worm, Accel, Urana, and the others continue struggling against Armartz. Accel is able to enter the Rekishi Room, where he will have a small battle against Jark, who fused himself with the powers. Meaanwhile, the rest of the team will fight alongside Gosei Pink, to defeat Gubrausula. The Mahourangers will obtain the Power of Goseiger, and Shinkenger, and Turboranger. But will the passengers of the Jark Worm survive its collapse. Aditionally, the team will discover a ransom letter for Madrine!


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