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The Mahouranger Arsenal
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Arsenal (Insectenger)

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Mahourangers. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Mahouranger series page as well as the team page of the Mahourangers.

Transformation DevicesEdit

Magic Phone Transformer MahouChangerEdit

Main article: Magic Phone Transformer MahouChanger

The MahouChanger is the standard communicator and changer of the Mahourangers. It is a gold-and-black cellphone that can hold Mahou Cards inside its screen.

Magic Bracer GoldenChangerEdit

Main article: Magic Bracer GoldenChanger

The GoldenChanger is the changer used by Moshite.

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

Mahou CardsEdit

Main article: Mahou Cards

The Mahou Cards (魔法カード Mahō kādo?) are a set of magic cards used by the Mahourangers to unlock their powers, forms, and Mecha.


Slashing Sword MahouKenEdit

Slashing Sword MahouKen (スラッシングソード魔法県 Surasshingu Sōdo Mahōken ?): The standard form of the MahouKen, a sword that can be loaded using the Mahou Cards.

When a Mahou Card is inserted, it will say: "Go! [Card Name ie. Mahou Red] Charge!". By raising the container, it will charge up a Power Strike.

Striking Gun MahouBlasterEdit

Striking Gun MahouBlaster (印象ガン魔法ブラスター Inshō Gan MahōBurasutā?): The low part of the handle of the MahouKen. It is a wizard hat-like gun, that is compatible with Mahou Cards. It originally comes at the bottom of the MahouKen, but it doesn't affect either's use.

By inserting a Mahou Card, it will say: "Loaded". By spinning the white crystal ball-like barrel, it will say: "Magic Getting Ready. Ikuzo Ikuzo Ikuzo!!" It will shoot a power bullet by pressing the trigger.

Extermination Combination MahouBlade V2Edit

Extermination Combination MahouBlade V2 (絶滅コンビネーション魔法ブレイドV2 Zetsumetsu Konbinēshon Mahōbureido V2?): The MahouBlade V2 is a special combination between the MahouKen and the MahouBlaster. The MahouKen is folded and the MahouBlaster is attached in it. This makes a small blade appear. If you put a Mahou Card in the Ken's container and spin the barrel of the Blaster, it will say: "Great Charge! Shooting Now!".

Golden DriverEdit

The Golden Driver (ゴールデンドライバー Gōrudendoraibā?) is the close-combat weapon of choice for MahouGold, which is a gold-and-silver sword. When the trigger is pressed, the sword announces "Shooting, Shooting" and then project a tarcker towards the villain.

Team BlasterEdit

Infinity CannyonEdit

The Infinity Cannyon is a Silver bazooka that is loaded with a minnimum of 3 cards. There are different sounds for every combination. It can easily defeat a Card Monster even in Spectral Mode.


Mahou BoostersEdit

Main article: Mahou Boosters

The Mahou Boosters create an artificial armor, that protects the Mahouranger, and recolours the suit by exchanging the black parts for the red parts.

Other DevicesEdit

Card BuckleEdit

A golden buckle (silver in MahouGold), that can hold up to 10 Mahou Cards. It is their transportation method, as well as a helper because it recreates special abilities such as a Magnetic Shield, and an Artificial Sword.



They are motorcycles with the head of the mecha's mythological animal. This cycle is the transportation of the Mahourangers, as well as the primary basis of the mecha. It can transform into each ranger's individual mecha.


Main article: Arsenal (Mahouranger)

Transformation DevicesEdit

Multi-Use DevicesEdit


Team BlasterEdit


Other DevicesEdit

  • Card Buckle


  • MagiCycles

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