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The Card Monsters (カードモンスター Kādo Monsutā?) are monsters based on living things and inanimate objects serving under the Jarkalot, leading the Jrax into battle against the Mahouranger. Their mission is to search for the Historic Powers, and report them to their Head Boss which is the person who summoned them. With a spell, a Card Monster can be forced to change its Head Boss. The Card Monsters come from cards. They can be unleashed and then returned to card mode again. When Gouma was unleashed, he created a third card to make them evolve into a middle stage, between Normal size, and Giant size. He created a Spectral Mode, which is an armor that grows from the back of the monster. They grow giant with a purple card. When a card monster is destroyed in giant form, it returns to Card Mode briefly and then the card explodes in the way that Fangire did: as a multicolor glass that breaks.

Card Monsters Under Jark Edit

These Card Monsters are usually based under lizards and other reptiles.

Card Monsters Under Gubras Edit

These card monsters are based on inanimate objects.

Card Monsters Under Marubird Edit

These card monsters are based on living things such as animals.

Card Monsters Under Urana Edit

These card monsters are based in random motifs.

Card Monsters Under Jarkalot Edit

Urana's Stolen Card Monsters Edit

Card Monsters Under Gouma Edit

These Card Monsters are based on science terms.

Notes Edit

  • The Card Monsters evolving into Spectral Form resemble the Inves in Kamen Rider Gaim because they pass through 3 stages until they get to their final form.
  • The card monsters' cards of origin resemble an arcade videogame style.
  • Card Shark is the villain that in all sentai history has attacked and then been inactive for the most time (episode 5 - inactive - episode 43).

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