The main sentai monsters of the 40th Super Sentai series, Rokusei Sentai Epicranger.

Monsters Edit

Deathkugeki Titan (1-2)

Deathkugeki Gargoyle (1-2)

Deathkugeki Cyclops (3)

Deathkugeki Minotaur (4-5)

Deathkugeki Ogre (6)

Deathkugeki Mummy (7)

Deathkugeki Fungus (8)

Deathkugeki Troll (9)

Deathkugeki Zombie (10)

Deathkugeki Goblin (11)

Deathkugeki Cockatice (12)

Deathkugeki Yeti (13-14)

Deathkugeki Skeleton (15)

Deathkugeki Gremlin (16)

Deathkugeki Gnome (17)

Deathkugeki Behemoth (18)

Deathkugeki Incubus (19)

Deathkugeki Samurai (20)

Deathkugeki Berserker (21-22)

Deathkugeki Harpy (Epicranger: The Movie)

Deathkugeki Kobold (23)


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