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Kamen Rider Kyoryu
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Original Airdate: 2014-2015
Production Order
Kamen Rider Gaim
Kamen Rider Byouga
Kamen Rider Kyoryu (仮面ライダー恐竜 Kamen raidā kyōryū?, also translated as Masked Rider Dinosaur) is a Kamen Rider Idea for the Kamen Rider Series.


In Neo 2014, China and Japan are attacked by monsters called Ideals. A Scientist has invented a belt and some statues and gave them to Hidari Hino who uses it to transform into Kamen Rider Kyoryu. These Ideals seek to absorb the knowledge and the brains of humans. This would convert them into Ideals as well. Special people with Ideal descendance are the ones they principally attack. Tyrano becomes the ally of Hidari in his trip across the two nations to stop the Ideals.


Kamen Riders

Normal Episodes

Kamen Rider Kyoryu Hidari Hino
Kamen Rider Ankylo Kazuraba Masato
Kamen Rider Fang Ryoji

Movie Exclusive

Kamen Rider Gorilla Goro Matoi


Fossil Beasts


Kamen Rider Den-O Ryotaro Nogami and Imagins


Main article: Ideals

  • Chief Commanders
Boss Vital Ideal Boss Vital Ideal (1-20)
French Talker French Talker (1-50)
Streamer Ideal Steamer Ideal (1-53)




Main article: Kamen Rider Kyoryu Episodes

  1. Ep.1: Here is Kyoryu
  2. Ep.2: Lend Me Your Power, Super Tyrano
  3. Ep.3: Ideal Kidnap
  4. Ep.4: The Dreadful Power Barrier
  5. Ep.5: The Flying Demon
  6. Ep.6: Vital Ideal's Unlimited Power
  7. Ep.7: Stego Armor, Unleashed!!
  8. Ep.8: Ankylon the Hard Rider
  9. Ep.9: Solid as Ankylo Rider
  10. Ep.10: Dino-Cooperation
  11. Ep.11: French Talker vs. Kyoryu Team
  12. Ep.12: The Tactician, Streamer Ideal
  13. Ep.13: Streamer Ideal in the Shadows!
  14. Ep.14: A Happy Christmas or Not?!
  15. Ep,15: Tricera Armor, Thanks Santa!
  16. Ep.16: Fang, The Evil Rider
  17. Ep.17: Piatniski Form; Fang, Why?
  18. Ep.18: Vital Ideal's New Form
  19. Ep.19: The Curse of The Ideal Mutation
  20. Ep.20: Vital Ideal's Last Stand
  21. Ep.21: The Fall of The Empire
  22. Ep.22: The New Leader: Streamer Ideal
  23. Ep.23: Written Loss
  24. Ep.24: Bra-Bra-Bra-Brachio Armor!!!
  25. Ep.25: Differences Among
  26. Ep.26: Stego and Tyrano Showtime
  27. Ep.27: Fang, a Good Rider?
  28. Ep.28: Tri-Rex Attack
  29. Ep.29: Brachio Armor
  30. Ep.30: From Out of Nowhere
  31. Ep.31: The Shadow Countertacks!
  32. Ep.32: Wow! Fang is an Ideal?!
  33. Ep.33: Fang's True Power
  34. Ep.34: Time for Ultimate: Go Tegcerio!
  35. Ep.35: The Armada: Idla-Fighters
  36. Ep.36: Burst Attack! Idla Invasion
  37. Ep.37: Fang's Ancient Grudge!
  38. Ep.38: Den-O and Den-Liner
  39. Ep.39: Sword Clash! Kyoryu vs. Fang
  40. Ep.40: Rise of Emperor Fang!
  41. Ep.41: The Beginning of the Invasion
  42. Ep.42: Fang's Spell of Possession
  43. Ep.43: Kamen Rider UltraFang is Born!
  44. Ep.44: Remembrance of The Past
  45. Ep.45: Fang, The Poison Ideal
  46. Ep.46: The Poisonous Traitor
  47. Ep.47: Target: Ankylon
  48. Ep.48: The Powerful French Talker
  49. Ep.49: The Song of Hope
  50. Ep.50: Goodbye, French
  51. Ep.51: The Remaining One
  52. Ep.52: Ideal Battle
  53. Finale: Triumph of Glory


  1. Kamen Rider x Kyouryu: The Treasure of the Dinosaur Who Ate Helheim Fruits
  2. Kamen Rider Kyouryu THE MOVIE: Escape of the Past