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Mahou Boosters
Used by: Mahourangers
Produced by: Card Ressha
Special System: Mahou Cards
Production Order
Magic Bracer GoldenChanger

"Power-Up! Insert the Card to upgrade!"
―Activation announcement
"Card Ready! Activation?"
―Installation announcement
"Magician Mode! Ma-ma-ma-gician!"
―Transformation announcement

The Mahou Boosters (魔法ブースター Mahō Būsutā?) is what allows the six Mahourangers to transform into their Magician Mode form. It first appeared in Bewitchment 45. Once the Mahourangers enter this upgraded form, they are armed with an armor, and the black parts of the suits, change colors with the color places.


By inserting the Magician Card into the booster, and then inserting the booster's plain part, into the MahouChanger, and shouting "Magician Mode, Transform!", and then closing the phone as a normal henshin, you can access the Magician Mode.

Enhanced AbilitiesEdit

When the Magician Mode is activated, the heroes gain many new abilities:


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