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Gender: Male
Color: blue
Season: Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger
Homeworld: Earth/Magi-World
First Appearance: Bewitchment 1: The Chosen One Returns
Last Episode: Final Bewitchment: Magical Destiny
Number of Episode
50 (Mahouranger)

3 (movies)
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Actor: Atsushi Shiramata

Olades (オラデス Oradesu?) is the blue ranger of the Mahourangers in Sakkaku Sentai Mahouranger. His powers are a dark blue color.

History Edit

Discovery of Powers and First Transformation Edit

Olades was one of the recluted wizards by Alba Kizaki. He had a strict discipline with himself to harness his powers to their outmost maximum. He believed that those who didn't take into account true optimism aren't worthy of having magic. He didn't accept Accel at first because of his funny way of learning magic. He transformed using the MahouChanger and the blue Mahou Card.

Rivality With Ben Edit

Olades was throughout most of the series the rival of Ben, aka. Mahou Green. They always picked on each other making their hatred greater. However, when working as a team, both worked perfectly. In episode 2, Olades casts a spell making Ben shrink. A magic war begins between the two. However, when Moshite arrived, they decided to work together to fight him, since Moshite turned into their rival of all times.

The Magician Mode Edit

Olades gained Magician mode along the other Mahourangers when he surpassed one of the trials of Card Ressha. He gave them Spectral Power that would be used according to each's will. He used the Blue Mahou Boosters to transform into Magician-Mahou Blue.

Alliance With Urana, The Final Battle, and the Government of Magic Edit

Olades infiltrated the Jark Worm with Accel and Urana, fighting a group of Jrax alongside Urana, while Accel went to find Jark. In the final battle, against Urana, Olades used all his powers to charge up a Paralysing Spell. This was used by Accelwho defeatedUrana by merging themselves together. After that, Olades united a council that ruled Magi-World until their death.

Personallity Edit

Olades is a decided, intelligent, silent, and disciplined person. He always dedicated his life to practice his magic skills and powers. He is easily exasperated since he usually doesn't accept funny people who don't take his way thinking correct. He is a mastermind strategist aswell since his plans usually have a lot of precision and are always correct.

Forms Edit