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Power Rangers: GSP
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Power Rangers GSP is an idea for a Power Rangers series.


In a Material Analyzing Laboratory, several scientists studied Zoldar, a material that proportions the daily sustention of homes, markets, stores, etc. A computer virus known as Messiah invaded the Laboratory and teleported it to another dimension known as the Subspace, and created an empire known as the Warroch Empire. So that he gains a material form to eat the Earth, Zoldar is needed, which is recolected by avatars created by him. The GSP (Global Spy Protection) Center prepares three warriors to face this threat. They are the Power Rangers GSP.


GSP RangersEdit

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GSP Red William Foster
GSP Blue Arthur Matthews
GSP Yellow Zoey Dales
GSP Gold Gunther Billys
GSP Silver Stag J
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