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Power Rangers Dino Force
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[[Power Rangers: GSP]]
Power Rangers Dino Force is an idea for a Power Rangers series.


A dinosaur gang are finding 13 lost stones as well as 10 Zords,Master Castle has made an Ice Age Empire,Dinosaur Rangers must stop them with there new friend Troy.


Dinosaur RangersEdit

Main article: Dinosaur Rangers

Dinosaur Black Dales
Dinosaur Blue Billy
Dinosaur Green Adam
Dinosaur Pink Katherine
Dinosaur Red Rocky
Dinosaur Gold Tommy
Dinosaur Cyan Ramirez
Dinosaur Silver Cole
Dinosaur Violet Doctor Noah ► Emma
Dinosaur Silver Troy



Rocko (Red's Father)

Danny (Black's Best Friend)

Emily (Blue's Sister)

Angela (Blue's niece)

Joshua (Blue's brother in law)

Ethan (Green's Father)

Gentle (Pink's Butler)

Villains (Ice Age Empire)Edit

Master Castle

1. Zorino

2. Knights:

Dandy (Fury)

Nandy (Joy)

Angero (Anger)

Endorf (Hateness)

3. Spylo


Legend:◆ piloted zord


Main article: Power Rangers Dino Force

Transformation Devices/SidearmsEdit

Multi-Use DevicesEdit

Individual Weapons and Team WeaponEdit

Communication DevicesEdit


Power Rangers Dino Force Episode GuideEdit


  1. Assemble Dinosaurs
  1. Super Giant
  1. The Slasher
  1. Revolver of Courage
  1. Cake Baking
  1. Stop Singing
  1. Rocky's in Big Trouble
  1. Break Through the Labyrinth
  1. Very Strong!Pteraiden-Megazord
  1. Gold Is Here
  1. How Cool
  1. Rocky and Me
  1. I'll Protect Your Heart
  1. Oh No! Dino Base
  1. How Irritating
  1. Digging! My Treasure
  1. So Serious! Dinosaur Gray
  1. Kung-Fu Finishing Strike
  1. Stolen Family
  1. Unlucky Side
  1. Zoom! Plesiosaurus's Back
  1. It Can't be! Master Castle Revived
  1. Rocket Fire Megazord (episode)
  1. Seven Dinosaur Rangers
  1. The Nightmare of the Ice Age Empire
  1. Surprise! The T-Rex Human
  1. Red's Super Evolution
  1. Oh Troy! The 100 Million Year-Old Grudge
  1. Great Clash! Carnival
  1. Hand it Over! The Guardians
  1. The Eternal Holiday
  1. Victory! The Sports Game
  1. I Will Protect the Lady
  1. Resurrection! Brachio Appears!
  1. Super Awesome! Giga Dino-Megazord
  1. The Silver Miracle
  1. Revenge of the Phantom Deboth Army!
  1. The Most Beautiful Grunt
  1. D Returns and Attackes
  1. Pops is broken heart
  1. Iceage World War
  1. A Virtuous Christmas


  1. The Music Striking Force
  1. Power Rangers Dino Force vs Power Rangers GSP:The Movie
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