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Featured Hero

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<p style="text-align: center;"> Gen Konno

Gen lived in a poor family who didn't have money to pay taxes and were distanced and expelled from their country (China) and were forced to wander through the desert until they arrived to Japan. Sadly, lacking of food and rest his mother and siblings died. However, before his father died he gave him a compass and a belt. It was 10 years later that he was attacked by Monsters born of Anger and Hatred called Nemesis. However, he faced hatred and anger and gave birth to the Sakura Nemesis (the final boss), but at the same time to: by using the compass and belt to the ancient hero: Kamen Rider Edo.


Featured Character

<p style="text-align: center;"> Cosmic Man

He was the oldest entity in the whole universe, the wisest being, and powerfulest controller of movements in space. The Bezerangers went to have special training with him in episode 26. After this their power grew unwildly and unable to control. This was later solved when he gave them the Beze-Planets. He continued helping them throughout the series until he revealed to be a master evil mind planning on consuming the Astrodata of every body in the universe by episode 46. He was defeated by the Bezerangers in episode 49, stopping the eternal doom.


Featured Villain
220px-Hirofumi Araki

Interdimensional Scientist Seddo

Seddo was the best friend of Shiba Satake, aka Kamen Rider Byouga. He created several weapons for him, including the Anti-Crepuscle Paint. However, Sapapo Crepuscle offered him a great quatity of money which made him turn evil. He was turned into a crepuscle by Kyuketski Crepuscle making him gain electric spine abilities as well as a mind-controlling eye ball. He turned into Byouga's cruelest enemy: Uragi Crepuscle.


Featured Megazord / Zord
250px-Gobuster mecha

GSP Megazord

The GSP Megazord is the combined Super Machine System form of the Beasbots and the first three GSP B.Vehicles combined with the command "CombineOperation! Special Mission Combination!" . The heads of the Beasbots form the control panels for the MegaZord and other combined forms. Its finisher is called the GSP Bubble Slash which traps the enemy in a dimensional bubble and slashes them away.                                    


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