Rokusei Sentai Epicranger (Six-Star Squadron Epicranger) is the 40th Super Sentai series.

Epicrangers Edit

Gorou Shibata/Epic Red - The team leader.

Takayuki Kokumo/Epic Black - the muscle of the group.

Ojo Haido/Epic Blue - Third-in-command of the epicrangers.

Goku Tachikawa/Epic Green - The smastest member of the team.

Lume Subete/Epic Yellow - Second-in-command of the group.

Miko Shuto/Epic Pink - Has a crush on Gorou.

Shouta Shida/Epic Gold

Kaori Shida/Epic White

Daigeki/Epic Orange - He a alien from the planet Geki which its was taking over by the dreadful King Ghoul.

Kaigeki/Epic Brown - Daigeki and Meigeki's brother.

Meigeki/Epic Cyan - Daigeki and Kaigeki's sister.

Jinpachi "Jin" Yamade/Epic Silver

Allies Edit

Goodtron (1-53) - The mentor of the team.

Dr. Sakura Gaido (1-53) - she created the gadget for the epicrangers.

Sparktron (1-49, 51-53) - Goodtron's son who killed in Gosei 49. The Most Tragedy Things That Ever Happens To Goodtron! But, Come back in Gosei 51. Sparktron's Souls.

Villains Edit

King Ghoul (1-53) - The leader of the Hated Army Empier Deathkugeki.

Prince Ghoul (1-52) - King Ghoul's Son.

Deathkugeki Monsters - the sentai monsters of the show.

Mecha Edit

Weapons Edit

Episodes Edit

Gosei 1: The Six Fightning Rokusei Angels To The Rescue

Gosei 2: Here Come Epic King-Oh!!!

Gosei 3:

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