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Shogi Sentai AstroNauter
Number: 41
Number of Episodes: TBA
First Episode: TBA
Last Episode: TBA
Intro: Shogi Sentai AstroNauter Intro
Original Airdate: February 19, 2017 - TBA
Production Order
Koku Sentai Flyenger
Shogi Sentai AstroNauter (将棋戦隊あすとろなうちゃ , Shōgi Sentai Asutoronauchā, translated as Japanese Chess Sentai AstroNauter) is the 41st installment in the Super Sentai Series. Its tagline is "Board the trial of destiny!"


During the Big Bang, two worlds emerged: Universe and Antiverse, divided by a fine boundary, each sustaining lifeforms. The most intelligent lifeforms of each world, the Celestums and the Yomidans, respectively, were given a power called Judgement Energy by a mysterious being. It was adapted into Board UFOs by the former and Death Wedges by the latter. With those, a grand battle known as the Ordinal Trial was held among both worlds, where the Celestums won. The mysterious being spread the source of the power, the Judgement Stones throughout the winning world, while the losing world was sealed for 5000 years. In the present day, the Yomidans have started wrecking havoc in the Milky Way (where all the Celestums inhabit) to get their revenge. However, the descendants of the ancient warriors have risen as the AstroNauters to protect the universe by gathering the Judgement Stones, and starting a new Trial to define the ultimate destiny of both worlds.



Main article: AstroNauters

Mars Nauter TBA
Neptune Nauter TBA
Saturn Nauter TBA
Uranus Nauter TBA
Venus Nauter TBA


Pawn Soldier Troops

Pawn Soldier I TBA
Pawn Soldier II TBA
Pawn Soldier III TBA



Main article: Arsenal (AstroNauter)

Transformation Devices

Multi-Use Devices


Team Blaster

Other Devices

  • Nauter Belt



Main article: Mecha (AstroNauter)

Celestum Voyager System

Legend: ◆ piloted mecha, ❖ auxilliary mecha, ● ultimate mecha, ◇ past-sentai mecha


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